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12 November 2018

An introduction to Corfu and its hotels

Corfu is often described as the Emerald Isle or the Garden of Eden, it is that beautiful and awe inspiring. With structures ranging from modern resorts and water parks to quaint fishing villages and a diverse wildlife along with numerous beaches of different kinds (rocky, sandy, etc.), Corfu has definitely earned its nicknames. You have a bird’s eye view of Italy from the Mount Pantokator, the activities available are innumerable to serve your different moods and whims. For nature lovers, Corfu offers a wide range of wildflowers, exotic bird species and other animals including the famous wild turtles of Corfu.

This doesn’t mean that a trip to the Island will empty your pockets, even cheap holidays to Corfu can be a lot of fun with accommodations easily available in a variety of price ranges. The local Greek cuisine are a must to try out, their seafood delicacies something so exotic and delicious, you can’t miss out on it. A small village near the Old Town of Corfu known as the Moraitika should be visited as well. The Moraitika hotels are quite good with a budget friendly service. The amenities are all modern and quite close to the beach as well. You could go scuba diving there or just witness the beauty of the sunset over its calm waters. Public transport is fairly easy to commute by or you could ask the Corfu hotel in which you reside to arrange for your transport.

The crime rate is relatively low so you can enjoy the nightlife of Corfu with ease and a peace of mind, wandering around at night alone too is not much of an issue. The locals are friendly and quite warm with English spoken commonly along with Greek. With Moraitika hotels to stay in, you could even rent a boat to travel around in instead of the usual by road transport. All in all Corfu is an unforgettable place suitable for all budgets. The weather is hot and dry and peak holiday season ranges from May to October.

For those of you interested in visiting museums and witnessing the beautiful architecture of the place, Corfu doesn’t disappoint. With a variety of structures ranging from old museums, forts, palaces and churches, it’s truly a wonder and you can witness history in these old ruins. Corfu has seen quite a many occupations and different wars, all these structures are symbol of those struggles and then when you go into town and witness its progress, you can truly appreciate life at its best. Outgoing thrill seekers and adventurers have a ball of a time in Corfu with the various water sports, horseback riding, trekking and hiking.

Corfu is quite family friendly and so you can visit the place and be at peace that there won’t be any hassles if visiting with children and family, quite a few areas are wheelchair accessible, so the elderly too can relax and have fun in the sun quite safely. Some of the Moraitika hotels even offer continental food apart from the usual Greek and local cuisine along with karaoke bars and buffet system.