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30 October 2018

More about Nasos Hotel & Resort

Nasos Hotel & Resort is a very charming family run business in Moraitika, Corfu. Moraitika is known for its beach and nearby rustic village by the same name. Nasos Hotel & Resort offers rooms in their hotel but also have apartments and studio apartments to suit the various needs of the travelers in Corfu. The packages available are quite ...
03 November 2018

Experiencing the East Coast

There is a definitive difference between the East and West coasts of Corfu Island. No better or worse but experientially diverse. On the East coast the sun rises of course whereas on the West coast one catches the setting sun. The great thing about Corfu is that the island’s size allows you to experience both in the same day! The east ...
05 November 2018

Moraitika Village, Corfu a recent find and an unforgettable experiece

Corfu Island of Greece is not only a popular holiday spot, it has deep and colorful roots in history.  Rich in Greek mythology, considered to be the place Poseidon (the god of water) took his wife, a nymph, to settle in, Corfu has seen numerous battles and wars. Greek, Roman and French occupations on the island have left its mark in the ...
06 November 2018

A gem in Corfu – The Moraitika village

Corfu Island in Greece is one of the most popular tourist holiday destinations of the world. The weather in Corfu is usually hot and dry in the summers and wild with slight rain in the winters. The ideal time to visit Corfu is between May and October, with July and August being the hottest and driest with temperatures reaching 35°C. Comm...
12 November 2018

A few holiday ideas in Corfu

Corfu is like heaven on earth with a rich and colorful history. Corfu can be anything you want, a relaxed getaway for rejuvenating and recharging your inner self or an exhilarating thrill to experience water related activities. The weather is pleasant, the crime rate low and the local’s friendly, what more could you want? The small shop...
12 November 2018

An introduction to Corfu and its hotels

Corfu is often described as the Emerald Isle or the Garden of Eden, it is that beautiful and awe inspiring. With structures ranging from modern resorts and water parks to quaint fishing villages and a diverse wildlife along with numerous beaches of different kinds (rocky, sandy, etc.), Corfu has definitely earned its nicknames. You have a...
12 November 2018

Things to Do on the Corfu South Eastern coast

The popular resort of Moraitika is 19 kilometers south of Corfu’s Kapodistrias Airport. Moraitika has developed over the last few years into a better quality resort with a number of good hotels and apartment accommodation preferred by package holiday groups and independent travelers alike. Nasos Hotel & Resort is a well-established B...
12 November 2018

The Number One Hotel in Moraitika

Corfu Island provides many great options to its tourists since that it has lots of possible resorts, studios and hotels that can surely make anyone satisfied with an excellent customer service. One of the great destinations in the southern part of the island that can make a fantastic vacation is the Nasos Hotel & Resort in Moraitika locat...