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05 November 2018

Moraitika Village, Corfu a recent find and an unforgettable experiece

Corfu Island of Greece is not only a popular holiday spot, it has deep and colorful roots in history.  Rich in Greek mythology, considered to be the place Poseidon (the god of water) took his wife, a nymph, to settle in, Corfu has seen numerous battles and wars. Greek, Roman and French occupations on the island have left its mark in the form of forts and castles that are now ruins, but still take away your breath. The architecture in Corfu is a delight for all with the various churches around the island. One of the villages, Moraitika, is a splendid gem in Corfu’s crown jewels. Though it is comparatively new, it is a must visit when in Corfu.

Moraitika has a beautiful rocky beach on its coast, with crystal clear waters perfect for scuba diving. Accommodations near Moraitika are plentiful with a wide variety of choices which include hotel, apartments, villas as well as bed and breakfast hotels in Corfu. There are various taverns and restaurants around as well where you can delight in the scrumptious local cuisines, especially their specialty seafood dishes. Ample of activities ranging from the sedate to the exhilarating are also available, depending on the mood you are in.

The bed and breakfast hotels in Corfu near and around the Moraitika are pretty idyllic. With modern amenities provided all year round and budget friendly choices, Moraitika, Corfu is the ideal place to settle in when on vacation. The locals are very warm and friendly and since tourism is their main source of income, it’s a pretty safe holiday destination as well. Crime and theft are low so you can gladly travel with family or even alone. Many locals don’t even bother locking their doors or cars and its normal to walk alone at night. Also, the hassle of getting vaccinated doesn’t exist as Greece doesn’t have a threat of malaria or any other tropical diseases.

The best time to visit Moraitika, Corfu, is between May and October, the weather being hot and dry. Winter months usually have rain and July and August is considered the hottest with temperatures reaching 35°C. Moraitika is pretty close to the Old Town of Corfu, a must visit, the scenic beauty and architecture just blows you away. Since Moraitika and Corfu in general are full of beaches, you could always rent a boat to take you around, you don’t require a license and it is something that will make your trip memorable forever.

If you aren’t very sea-friendly, you could always hire a car to drive around in, it’s pretty easy to avail. Also, the public transport system is pretty good so you can always ride in a bus or cab. Moreover, since Moraitika was recently developed it lacks the total commercialism and touristy feel, a real gem if you truly appreciate nature at its best and most natural form. All in all Corfu makes an awesome holiday package with memories that will last forever.